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Gone are the days of heavy

Loan NOW includes a powerful Contact Management tool which drives loans through the pipeline, and a Telephony portal for seamless communication with all involved in the loan can help! Loan NOW is designed to generate leads, push exclusive leads directly to your desktop, automate and expedite originating, processing and closing loans. Simply put: Loan NOW delivers more closed loans faster! Call for a no-obligation personal demonstration on Loan NOW and to see how Loan NOW can drastically improve the way UV Varnish you generate leads, originate loans and strengthen relationships with your borrowers.The mortgage industry has taken a real beating. In addition, you can easily expand your reach with our built-in power dialer and IVR feature that works with any high speed Internet connection. "No system available today provides a Contact Management piece, Integrated Loan Decision Tools, Credit Improvement Programs, Paperless Document Management and a Hosted VoIP Telephone system all in one environment," explains Mike Ammundsen, Closed First's Chief Technology Officer.loannowcrm.
Gone are the days of heavy spending on xafsing and overall expansion. With consolidation in the xafs and many finding themselves without a home office, there is a need to pull ourselves together and organize our business with Net branch operations. Loan NOW users will have the ability to identify, price, underwrite and deliver loans much more quickly and can help! Loan NOW is user-intuitive and simple to learn. As businesses continue to expand their reach, it's critical that you stay ahead of the curve or you risk becoming another victim to this industry. Like other mortgage professionals, you probably find yourself in the midst of rolling with the punches trying figure out this mess." http://www. Call: (866)958-9996 x1502 . So, how do you find borrowers when your referral xafs has dried up? http://www. Now is the time to rethink your position and draw up a game plan for success for your business.loannowcrm.
 Loan NOW is transforming the way business gets done in not only the lending industry, but for any organization involved in servicing consumer loans. To stay in the game you must be willing to invest in resources which will keep you ahead of the competition, or be forced to pick up the scraps and just try to survive, not thrive. It makes completing electronic loan documents simple. To compete effectively you must drive down operational costs and increase efficiencies. "No system gives as much power and control to Manager's as the Loan NOW mentoring/coaching programs and reporting features. Resources being limited, the net branches are reliant upon non-traditional ways of xafsing and finding prospective borrowers.

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